Thursday, 27 December 2012 19:51
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As I am currently dealing with severe undermotivation and some substantial procrastination.

Adventure Time, Parks & Rec, Hark! A Vagrant, Lizzie Bennett Diaries, Never Mind the Buzzcocks RPF )

In other news today [personal profile] oliphaunts and I were talking about the upcoming BBC adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT THAT, CERTAINLY NOT ME, IT'S NOT ME GETTING ALL OVERHEATED OVER HERE AND PASSING OUT IN A FAINT) and then she said, "Idris Elba should play Stephen Black!" and then I passed out forever, the end.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012 10:00
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Happy Boxing Day from this timezone! In addition to watching a lot of Fifth Generation Chinese cinema and Adventure Time I have also been eating many things. On Christmas Eve my family and I went out for Peranakan food; on Christmas morning I made pita pockets from scratch for breakfast, which were a huge success if I may say so myself; and in the evening there was the traditional dinner party at my mother's best friend's house where there was turkey and ham but also AMAZING SUCKLING PIG and about two hours of cleanup afterwards. Today, I'm meeting an old schoolfriend for Turkish food! Om nom nom.

Enough about my gustatory pursuits though. Yuletide is here! I have been enjoying many stories very much. Here's an incomplete list of recs:

Recs feat. Borgen, 10 Things I Hate About You, Community, Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Agatha Christie, To Kill A Mockingbird, Mean Girls, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and Journey to the West )

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Saturday, 11 August 2012 14:08
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Quick rec!

I have loved [ profile] femgenficathon since it started in 2005; and today I checked back and found this gem of a fic. Star - Great Expectations, by [ profile] a_t_rain. It's a story about Estella finding out the truth of her parentage, or more accurately searching, and one that gives her far more agency than Dickens' endings (original or revised) do. Sharp, witty, and satisfyingly plot-driven - if you love Dickens, run, don't walk. ♥!
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It has been so long since I've made a properly fannish post. Today I was telling [ profile] egelantier a story and uh, accidentally wrote fic. And - here you have to pretend I'm whispering - it was Ryan Ross gen fic. Uh! Nevertheless, I may post it at some point in the future if I ever get over my shame over having written yet another really melodramtic, uh, thing.

Meanwhile, I have been doing what all fannish people do when they are bereft of an active fandom (I need a new fandom, guys :( ) - reading Harry Potter fic! Therefore I present: five of my all-time favourites.

A lot of these are from my heyday in Harry Potter fandom in 2005. Also I read a lot of gen. )

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Ugh, I'm still plodding away at this one fic! It is terrible and pretentious and makes no sense whatsoever! And yet. I can't stop prodding at it. Maybe if I delete enough of it it will stop being awful? :D? :D? ... /o\

And yet. This is a cheerful week so far--

A List. Of Things That Are Amazing Right Now:


PEOPLE HAVE YOU SIGNED UP FOR [ profile] lilpinktassel YET! It is going to be amazing and you should do so post-haste! I have been bugging people on email like so: "You haven't signed up yet DO SO NOW" and I figured I should do it on Livejournal. *g* I enjoy that Johnny Weir guy, in case you hadn't noticed. If you do too then maybe you should give this a go! I am pretty bad at challenges, dudes. There is something about deadlines that makes me flail around uselessly, and usually I have to trick myself into thinking I'm writing some other story before it gets done, but this is pretty simple! And just, :DDDD

2. This post is filling my heart with glee and joy. (Actually, all the recent Johnny Weir-related articles and interviews have been filling my heart with glee and joy -- I'm easy that way!) As [ profile] nova33 said to me, "I actually thought that, that maybe Johnny was just avoiding talking about Stephane to throw us off the trail." AND THAT IS NOT EVEN WHERE HER TINHATTING ALLIANCES LIE NORMALLY! Which just goes to show. Oh Johnny, you can dissimulate all you want, but it is still really obvious. Also, angsty Johnny/Stephane :DDDDD

3. In fictional news, [ profile] signsonaves and I caught each other on Gchat and we discussed Kanye and Johnny's bromance. NEEDS FIC IMMEDIATELY.

4. FIFTH SEASON DOCTOR WHO AU. Glee glee glee glee glee!

5. Denis Ten: new kid at high school, :DDDD AND GUESS WHOSE HIGH SCHOOL HE GOES TO? [ profile] willowbell is writing it and I was rocking back and forth with glee. Then I sent her about seven replies to the same email, because I could not restrain myself.

5a. Suddenly-a-boy!Mirai, :DDDD

6. I'm at that stage of fannish glee when all I want from anything ever are HUGE ENSEMBLE FICS. See 3! (Kanye and Beyonce and Pete Wentz, and and and.) Or Team Japan! So many fics, oh my god.

7. In conclusion, :DDDD

ETA Season 5 Who spoilers in comments! You know how I feel about this, which is to say, :DDD
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Guys, today [ profile] strange_bt_true and I did literally nothing but eat. We had crepes and sushi and beef noodles, and we were supposed to go to the art museum but we were so full by then that we couldn't be bothered to do anything but drag our asses home (me: "They should just have conveyor belts at the museum so we don't have to walk around, and all the paintings can come to us instead... wait, that's like TV.") Then we fell asleep and woke up and had dinner, and then we watched the NBC coverage of the mens' singles at the Olympics (you guys! Why didn't anyone tell me that Florent Amodio skated to Amelie? ♥_♥), and went out for ice cream.

Then we came back and read this fic. YOU GUYS. Elena wrote fic for me! It's Johnny/Stéphane and it's domestic fic and I am incapable of being even remotely objective about this fic but oh my god it's the most perfect thing in the world. I just -- they fight and they have cake and it's so lovely and so them, and! -- oh my god, I don't know. Just read it. Her Johnny voice is so incredible and Stéphane is, he's so kooky and earnest and wants to paint the walls the pattern of a robin's egg. GO READ IT OMG.

present tenses, by [ profile] nova33


:D! :D! :D!

Friday, 16 April 2010 10:31
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Aha, you guys. What do I spot on the horizon? Another day off! Except that my day off is already here. It's Friday now! THAT'S RIGHT I LIVE IN THE FUTURE. In the two hours I have been awake, I have a) made butter (yes, that's right. Made butter) b) eaten breakfast and c) read some seriously wonderful fic that made my day. Further plans include going to the library, having lunch with my mother and writing. My life: it is so exciting.

Recently I have been experiencing one of those overwhelming waves of fannishness. I would call it New Fandom Glow, except that it isn't just figure skating. It's, um -- everything. New The Young Veins music! I love that song! I love the video! I love Jon's voice at the beginning where he goes, "Hello! We are The Young Veins," because he is clearly attempting to be suave. I love thinking about Ryan and Z's relationship! I even read two Adam Lambert primers yesterday! That dude, he is more than okay and his family is insane! I love everyone on the Internet!

... this is what being Stephane Lambiel must be like every day.

Idk, you guys. Every time I read Johnny Weir's interviews I just stop and think, "I love him so much," because I do. He is articulate and charming when he wants to be! That Adam Rippon guy, I think he is cute too! And also, Brian Orser. Because of that post I stayed up way too late yesterday watching the most embarrassing Korean air-conditioning commercial ever. Idk, you guys.

Therefore you should read this story about Adam Rippon, and Brian Orser, and coming out in the figure skating world. And this Johnny/Stephane fic, which is basically my new canon. This is me reccing stuff, by the way! I hope you make it past that long rambly bit at the top and actually READ THESE STORIES, because your life will be greatly enriched if you do. Yes. ♥

In conclusion, everyone should write more stories about Ryan and Z and Stephane Lambiel and Adam Rippon and Kim Yu-Na, and my brain is shorting out now from the sheer amount of fannish glee I have. IT'S LIKE ENTERING FANDOM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Y... e... s?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 09:05
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1. My OTP is REAL. I'd heard about them passing notes during the KOI press conference but this, omg. *____________*

2. Also? Those daily communities ([ profile] lambiel_daily and [ profile] jgweir_daily are making my LIFE. Every day I wake up and there are pretty pretty pictures on my flist. I like this series of Stephane!

3. You should really go read [ profile] willowbell's fic. Armor For Our Tender Bodies! Five people who turned down Johnny and Evan for a threesome, and one who became a permanent part of their relationship. It is hilarious and sweet and awesome, and the final pairing (which I don't want to spoil) makes me ship a ship I thought I'd read but wouldn't actively ship.

4. [ profile] nova33 has written a Five Things fic! Five people who discovered Johnny's tendency to wear lingerie, and one person who liked it almost as much as Johnny. There is no sex per se, but it's awesome and hot and so, so revealing. Basically, she wrote the fic I wanted to write and wrote it way better than I ever could. I would be jealous if not for the fact that I am beside myself with glee that this exists. Go read it.

5. You know what I'd read? Mao/Yuna fic. THIS IS WHAT THE FANDOM NEEDS MORE OF GODDAMNIT. [ profile] forochel has informed me that there is some hatesex on the kink meme, but a) too lazy to go look for it and b) I don't want hatesex! :( If people can write schmoopy Evan/Johnny, I don't see why they can't do it for Mao/Yuna. Yuna is so adorable, you guys. *____________*

5a. No really, so cute: (The truth is) I've never said Toppoki is my favorite but it's been reported so. (In fact) it was like this: Reporters frequently ask me, "Don't you feel like eating Toppoki with your friends?" Then I go, "Y..e..s?" then there're reports coming out that I like Toppoki.
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So I know this journal has been FIGURE SKATING FIGURE SKATING FIGURE SKATING a lot recently. For those of you who are not into figure skating: I apologise! I am doing pretty well lately, not much going on here. Right now the biggest thing in my (real) life is sorting out my passport and applying for a visa and learning the past tense in French, all of which are relatively boring. Although [ profile] egelantier keeps prodding me to finish my Jon/Ryan fairytale fic! Which I started last year! Expect some fic in the near future, if you have faith in my anti-procrastination abilities.

Anyway, have another figure skating rec. I am pretty sure lots of people have read it already! But just in case --

Cohabitation, by [ profile] tyrannicides.

Evan and Johnny live together. Established relationship! Like the author admits, this isn't actually a very believable premise, but the dynamics of the relationship are completely true to life, and -- incidentally -- oh my god so hot. Generally curtainfic is not a HUGE thing of mine, because I generally enjoy conflict and pining and stuff that's supposed to be over by the time you get to living together, but the way this is written is so fantastic and rough-edged that it was just really compelling. (And hot.)

And, okay, I'm going to cut this, because I don't want to spoil you for the snippet --

SPOILERS. warning: sexual roughhousing )

and oh man. I was telling [ profile] forochel that I thought that strength could be generally terrifying sometimes, in the context of non-con. But when it's done in the context of an established relationship where people trust each other, it is hot. Like burning. Go read it.
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I am now wearing my favourite Muji jumper. It is a very simple jumper, you guys! I like the cut of the collar and its muted navy/grey stripes. Also, I'm wearing a dress beneath it. Really rocking the jumper and skirt combination, yeah. I like this part of clothes: the way they don't have to look particularly good, just the way they make you feel right sometimes.

A couple of weeks ago I scalded my index finger and now there is the GROSSEST scar on it. Idk, does that ever happen to you? I didn't run it under cold water immediately because I am the failiest and it didn't even hurt that much, so now the skin's started puckering and there's dead skin gathering on it and it looks awful, but it's not infected. /tmi

I also now have approximately one billion (I exaggerate, obviously. Although maybe I should get a paid account. Then I would be able to get one billion icons, also: the ability to edit comments) new icons, which I am VERY PLEASED about. Except that I'm not sure about my default! I wanted something relatively non-fannish but I couldn't find anything better than trees going dot dot dot, although this is a good thing. I'm just not sure about the way it looks, that's all. But anyway! Icons! Usually I'm so bad about finding icons, mainly because I get very bored trying to track down iconmakers and looking at one billion square pictures which more often than not look very much like each other. But when I do find the icons and get them uploaded and everything, I ACHIEVE NIRVANA.

One thing I enjoy very much about getting into a fandom for the first time is the fic backlog there always is. Idk, you guys! I've never been lucky enough to get into a fandom right before it blows up really big, mostly because I am a huge sheep who enjoys the fanfic when it's already there. So it always delights me when I come across fic that, um, serves to cement the way I think of a character. And basically you should read this --

Comme fanent les roses, by [ profile] mosca. Johnny/Stephane.

This fic is set after the Olympics and it's just so lovely and perceptive and hot. It really shows the way Johnny and Stephane have known each other for years, and!! this bit of characterisation is just really spot-on perceptive and, um, hot:

"Or we could go to bed," you say, "and I could put my tongue in your ass."

He seems to freeze, face red and eyes half-lidded, a moment of shyness. He'll say anything, but when someone else keeps up with him, he's a Puritan. He's a narcissist who can't stand to look in the mirror.

This is the way I will think about Johnny Weir for the rest of my life, or something close to that.

Anyway, go read! And then go read her Johnny-meets-Lady Gaga ficlet, which is also awesome. Then come back and tell me how you guys are doing now. (I AM VERY BOSSY TODAY, just like Galina.) Hopefully you're wearing an article of clothing you really really like. Hopefully you are not dealing with burn scars of any sort.
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This and this are my new favourite things on earth. (Warning: figure skating RPF! also a work in progress! I have been refreshing the pages every thirty minutes) *___________* [ profile] softlyforgotten posted a while ago about wanting funny and lighthearted porn that you don't get so much of in bandom anymore, and I didn't realise, I think, quite how much I'd missed that until I started reading these two fics. And, okay, there is no porn in the first and very little in the second -- but arranged marriages and pining and boys being delightfully and hilariously stupid. IN A LIGHT-HEARTED KIND OF WAY.

I think I'm in fannish love with Johnny Weir. I linked my BFF (you know, the one who knows I read fanfic and things) to the first one and she was like, "I love Evan Lysacek!" and I was like BUT DOES SHE NOT RECOGNISE THE MAGNIFICENCE OF JOHNNY WEIR, and so on.

Today was a weird day, because I'm never very good when I have my period, so I basically just lumbered around work getting nothing done and bumping into people and dropping things on the floor. Then I came home, and made a bad pizza, which was humiliating. On the other hand, yesterday I made these chocolate chip meringue cookies which were really easy and delicious. (Although if you don't like cookies and things really sweet, you might want to cut down on the sugar and the amount of chocolate chips, or maybe even take them out altogether.) I like baking a lot, in case you couldn't tell. *____________*

So anyway, Johnny Weir, accidental marriages, Johnny Weir, chocolate chip meringue cookies! If you wanted to talk about any of those things to me or rec me more hilarious and adorable (I am not looking for the angsty stuff yet, I don't think) skating fic, I would like that a lot.
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1. There have been rather a lot of new people around here lately, haven't there? Hi, you lot! I'd direct you to my intro post at the top of my journal, but it's kind of outdated, so. Introduce yourself, and things? Pleased to meet you. ♥

Like [ profile] frankkincense said, however, it is mildly terrifying. HI I AM VERY A LITTLE SCARED OF YOU.

cut to spare your flist )
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(Even though it's Brendon/Spencer, whatever. It's good, though! Read it!)

I mean, COME ON. Music geeks in love! Brendon trying to come to terms with his sexuality. Patrick and his filthy temper (this is canon). WHY DOES THIS NOT EXIST. I just want so many fics about them messing around in the recording studio, communicating with each other through half-uttered sentences like "... and if you put the bridge -" "Yeah, here." "No, yeah."


God, such a failboat. STUDY STUDY STUDY.
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You all should read this!

We Live In Such Enormous Places, by [ profile] willowbell

It's a dystopia AU based on this poem by Jeffrey McDaniel, and is set in the same universe as this, although you don't need to have read it before reading We Live In Such Enormous Places, it's more like a companion piece.

If I could describe the way this fic felt, I think it would be a lot like being suddenly deaf - the way the spaces and disconnectedness made me feel... removed, and that's not in anyway a bad thing - what I'm trying to say is that it made me hold my breath and occasionally come back to myself at odd moments when I was reading it, to go no it's not real, it won't happen.

The phone rings and she takes her index finger out of her mouth, wet with some of her spit and some blood from her hangnail. It doesn't hurt- nothing hurts very much anymore. The phone rings and rings, and she turns the volume of the television down and picks up the phone with her free hand.

"Jess," she says, before the person on the other line can even say a word. "It's going to be okay."

"Jess," she says again, softer now. "Tell Nick to get you a paper bag."

I would say I really enjoyed the cameos by Tom and Vicky-T in here, but that would suggest I didn't enjoy Pete, Ashlee and Patrick in here equally enormously. I could read REAMS of fic set in this universe, and [ profile] willowbell is a fantastic writer. Seriously, go read it.
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Three recs!

REC #1

Travis/William Regency!, by [ profile] colouredmango

Omg, you guys, I don't even read a lot of Travis/William but [ profile] colouredmango has converted me, before her I didn't even read a lot of Butcher/Sisky but she converted me TOO, she is going to convert me to, Idk, cannibalism ONE DAY and I would still be happy and read the fic she wrote about cannibals because she is JUST THAT AMAZING.

In case that wasn't convincing enough (why ever would it not be?!):

Siska comes home in a flurry of the apples blossoms, comes in May with a smile and a glowing face and William is suddenly treacherously greedy of him. He's healthy, shines with it.

"Italy agrees with you, my dear," he says, and hopes Sisky can hear, Marriage agrees with you. Butcher hands Sisky down from the carriage and he flings his arms about William's neck tightly, indecorously. Mariano coughs behind them, disgusted they could never learn the manners he tried to drill into their heads.

"This is Travis," Butcher says, and the man who leaves the carriage smiles and takes William's hand. It's a studied gesture, but he holds it a moment too long before brushing a kiss over the back and returning it to William's possession.

"Mr. McCoy," William manages, although the air is thick around him, there's a sudden weight to the dull spring sunlight. "How grateful I am you could come." He stutters over the last words, and Sisky presses his hand reassuringly.

"It's I who must be grateful for your hospitality," McCoy returns and William is looking up for the first time since Gabe bid him a careless farewell at a ball, his eyes and hands daring under the dowager's chaperonage. He finds he likes it, although when Sisky presses him shortly there after for how he likes Mr. McCoy, all he can recall is sense of kind dark eyes in a laughing face.


REC #2

Stay (Pete/Ashlee/Patrick), by [ profile] neery

OMG YOU GUYS I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR GOOD PETE/ASHLEE/PATRICK FOR THE LONGEST TIME EVER. Back here I even considered doing it for [ profile] bandombigbang, and it may one day get written yet - but basically the point of this ramble was that HOW AWESOME IS THE FEELING OF FINDING SOMETHING YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOR A LONG TIME? Very, that's what.

Seriously, it's hot and fantastically detailed and with such, such a good dynamic between them. GO READ IT:

It's not like he's never thought about Ashlee that way before, rarely and guiltily; she's Pete's girlfriend, he just really doesn’t want to go there even in his thoughts. But Patrick's only human, and she's gorgeous and smart and quirky. Of course he's thought about her.

"Anyway, just, like, think about it? Or talk to Pete, maybe. I mean, I don't even know if you'd be into…" She's giggling nervously again, flailing with her hands. "Yeah, so anyway. Oh god, this is so awkward, can we change the topic now? How about that Superbowl?"

"I'll... think about it," Patrick says awkwardly. Safe to say that he'll be doing a whole lot of thinking. Some of it probably with his hand down his pants. "Anyway, what about you? You'd be kind of a big part of this. I mean, would you even be into it?"

Ashlee's still blushing, but she's looking at him full on - looking him over, really, checking him out, and Patrick is suddenly very conscious of the wrinkled hoodie he fished out from underneath someone's bunk this morning, and the way his hair is sticking out every which way under his hat. For the first time during this whole conversation, her voice is free of any hesitation or doubts when she says, "Yeah. I would, actually, be really into that. So. Think about it."

Patrick's still staring at her when she leaves the room.

REC #3

Tongue-Tied for You, Brendon/Ryan, by [ profile] cest_what and [ profile] frankkincense

I love the Brendon/Ryan dynamic when it's done well - by this I mean even more faily and adorable combined than they are on their own - so this wins, basically, all around. Ryan is super faily and oblivious! And wishes he'd gotten a few more semesters at college! I don't know why this stuck with me, except that I totally do. Ryan is a PRETENTIOUS ELITIST SNOB, all right, who never completed college. If he doesn't occasionally feel down about that then ALL OUR ASSUMPTIONS ARE WRONG.

But there is also other lovely stuff besides that one detail I chose to fixate on:

Brendon is frowning in concentration, the corner of his bottom lip caught between his teeth. He finishes tracing a decided line and tilts Ryan's inner arm so that Ryan can see. Ryan takes in the cutesy flowers, colours outlined in thick black, and raises his eyebrows.

"I'm giving you flowers, Ross," Brendon says, his eyes dark and wide, an over-the-top appealing look. He laughs, then bends his attention to another cartoon blossom. He's still smiling, a curl at the edge of his mouth. "This is an old-fashioned courtship."

Ryan has a coughing fit to disguise his shiver as Brendon traces the cool point of the pen over his skin again. "I don't think Sharpies really qualify as 'old-fashioned'," he says once he's got his breath back.

"You're kind of epically missing the point, here," Brendon mutters.

Basically I am feeling super \o/!! about the awesome fic here, so I shan't say much. Except. I've been rather busy and returned home from school Really Quite Late yesterday and today, so. How are you, everyone?

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Sunday, 15 March 2009 17:24
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Hello everybody! [ profile] culture_jamming is a new community put together by [ profile] complications_g and [ profile] alex_boylove for primers about culture around the world - cities, food, practices, religion, politics, history - anything! It sounds pretty awesome, so do join and contribute a few posts! The Internet is awesome like that - communities like this really bring out how great it is that people all over the world can share little bits of their country and culture. So join and make a post, and you won't ever have an excuse for wondering (like I sometimes do!) why people seem to know so little about your country/city/town/cultural habits.

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Saturday, 31 January 2009 09:48
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and a star to steer by, by [ profile] septemberpast (Brendon/Spencer)

The life of lonely lighthouse keeper Brendon Urie is changed forever when Ryan Ross, Jon Walker and Spencer Smith are shipwrecked on his beach.

This is the best story EVER omg. Brendon is lonely and lives in a lighthouse! Spencer is in a coma! Brendon talking to comatose Spencer about farting through one's dick! Ryan needling Brendon about his decision to stay on the lighthouse! The sun and the sand and the sea and the sky, and people in boats who never pass by, ugh. ♥

Brendon takes Spencer on a slightly more slapdash tour of the island than Jon and Ryan had, mostly because Spencer doesn’t like to be hurried anywhere. They linger at the dock for almost a half hour, even though Spencer’s already seen it, because there’s a clump of daisies growing nearby and Spencer wants to try threading them together.

They make slow and steady progress, barefoot through the sand, a daisy bracelet looped a couple times around Brendon’s wrist. They talk intermittently, the bridge of Spencer’s nose pinkening and his eyelashes casting shadows over his cheeks. He’s pretty, Brendon lets himself think indulgently, but maybe not in the delicate, petaly Snow White way Brendon first thought. He’s still fair-skinned and bright-eyed, but in motion he’s broad-shouldered and strong-legged and tall in a way that somehow makes Brendon feel stupid.

Brendon takes Spencer through the middle of the island, crossing into the little grove of trees right there, maybe a square mile at most. It’s not like a forest or anything – more like an orchard. Spencer listens intently while Brendon talks about the orange trees, how he remembers coming here in the summers when he was small and helping his grandparents with the trees.

hello hello!

Monday, 26 January 2009 11:36
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Link dump!

I Didn't Dream of Dragons, by [ profile] deepad

This is a wonderfully thought-provoking post on the problems people who live in non-Western countries face when they try to read or write in English - it's incredibly true, and it really resonates with me. Halfway through writing my Malory Towers AU, I couldn't help but have to dig into the issues that inevitably came up when I, a citizen of a country whose entire history was shaped by colonialism, tried to write something set in the heyday of colonialism, along with all the racist, sexist, and xenophobic undertones it implies. What does it say about me, that I grew up reading (and yes, loving) Enid Blyton's books? What does it say about my peers, who grew up reading much the same thing?

... lol overinvested. Anyway, it's an excellent post, and I'm grateful to [ profile] strange_bt_true for linking to it. Go read it!

Obama's First 100 Hours

Wow, so I really, really want to be in America now. This is fantastic news! As a sampler, he's:

- He signed the order reversing the global gag rule, which refused funding to international health programs if they informed women about abortion. He waited two days to do it so that it wasn't on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which was actually lauded by pro-life activists. They knew he was going to do it, and thanked him for not doing it on a day they spend in public mourning. He indicated his intention to seek re-engagement of the U.S. in the United Nations' efforts to improve women's health nationwide.

- He signed an executive order requiring himself and all past presidents** to consult the attorney general before they can claim executive privilege. "Information will not be withheld just because I say so," he said. "It will be withheld because a separate authority believes my request is well grounded in the Constitution." That means before Bush can claim executive privilege over the documents dealing with interrogation, he'll have to get approval from the current A.G. Good luck.

- He stopped a last-minute Bush directive to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list.

How awesome are the next four years going to be? (He saved the gray wolves!) I was pretty excited when Kevin Rudd got elected as PM of Australia in 2007, but THIS. Wow, it's like. Obama is PRESIDENT of ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL NATIONS ON EARTH. If anyone can change the world, maybe he can do it!

Sea Change, by [ profile] pasi (gen, PG).

I read this a few days ago, and it was beautifully sweet and funny! Essentially, when Obama gets elected (yes, president!fic, don't look at me like that) he gets a visit from a certain Minister for Magic in the fireplace...

"Uh, yes, I do read bedtime stories to my kids," said Barack. Or he had, a long time ago. He'd never thought he'd wish for it, but, oh, to have those days back again, to be nothing more than a state senator. How would Hillary or McCain have handled this?

"Oh, excellent! You do know, then! That makes it so much easier. You'd be surprised how many Americans, when I tell them I'm a wizard, think I play for one of your basketball teams."

"The Washington Wizards."

"Yes, that's the one. But no basketball for me, I'm afraid. I'm a Quidditch man myself. The fresh air, you know, soaring into the open sky on a Firebolt. Fastest broom ever made by the hand of wizard--"

Barack put up his hands. He'd take the latest bank failure over shooting the breeze about broom-flying with somebody who called himself a wizard. Any day of the week.


Lastly, I wrote some commentfic for the Bandom Kissing Meme. girl!Spencer/Ryan, G, 600 words (lol absurdly verbose), quick and dirty. Here!

ps. [ profile] colourmeshocked showed me how to do blockquotes a few days ago! I am going to use them ALL THE TIME from now on.


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