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Repetitions upon a theme: sometimes I feel like I make the same LJ entry over and over again before I'm done getting this shit out of my system. Allons-y!

Blammo: a Bowie entry )
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UK people who are also into Bowie (I appreciate this may be a pretty small subset in my humble corner of the Internet), watch this and come back to !!! with me about it.

I mean, I know the opening sequence is seriously zany but

Seriously, this just gets it. I was feeling all sad about the passage of time tonight and then someone linked this to me. It seems some things never change, I'll be listening to Bowie before I fall asleep tonight.
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When we all got up and danced and sang along with the people on stage who love David Bowie so much they have made it their actual career to be him, though not exactly, I thought: this is the exact epitome of fandom. This is it: letting it sweep you away despite (because of!) the cheesiness, and knowing every single word to every goddamn song and letting the riffs come and come at you. And participating in an extended in-joke, an exercise in the best sort of earnest irony. It must be so strange being in a tribute band.

I kicked my shoes off and danced and danced and danced. The glitter on them came off anyway.

PS. Not that I'm saying it was a perfect show - the lead singer will never approach the perfection of Lindsay Kemp's original choreography, the vocals were muddy and the most recognisable thing in the end were Bowie's riffs, but the dancing made up for it. Exam tomorrow, la!
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Worst last day ever - they are always anticlimactic. Work done today: NOTHING. :( :( :( life is the worst, cry cry cry, I am the least prepared it is possible to be for this coming term, etc. Fuckkk.

I did read books though.

Ten Days In A Mad-House, by Nellie Bly.

Journalistic expose of a lunatic asylum for women at the end of the nineteenth-century. Warning for discussion of abuse - quotation, at length, of passage containing abusive content inside. )

The Insufferable Gaucho, by Roberto Bolano.

Five short stories and two essays. Uneven - some definite spots of brilliance but other parts were pretty disappointing. )

OH ANOTHER THING I AM PLEASED ABOUT: my laptop, which I have for the past month given up on persuading to emit any sort of productie sound whatsoever, totally works the volume when you plug in headphones. I mean I still need to get it fixed at some point, but! This means that once I'm back in BBC iPlayer territory I totally get to listen to the BBC 6's Happy Birthday Bowie I mean nbd not that I'm a huge fan of his or whatever

Bad Girls In Love, by Cynthia Voigt | Go Jump In The Pool, Beware The Fish, The War With Mr Wizzle, The Zucchini Warriors, Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood, Something Fishy At Macdonald Hall, A Semester In The Life of A Garbage Bag, Don't Care High, I Want To Go Home, Son of Interflux, & Who Is Bugs Potter?, by Gordon Korman | Izzy, Willy-Nilly, by Cynthia Voigt


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