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In less than four days' time, I shall have a [livejournal.com profile] strange_bt_true! STAY TUNED INTERNET. For lots of fandom-in-real-life shenanigans. Trufax: we have agreed that since the first day here is likely to result in lots of jetlag the only reasonable thing for me to do would be to drag her to Starbucks and dose her with caffeine and also marathon rewatch Be Good Johnny Weir. As for the rest, well... maybe I will bring her to the rainforest or something, HANDWAVE HANDWAVE. Really most of our concrete plans at the moment consist of hearteyesing at each other over Johnny Weir!


Internet, I also feel you should know that I spent way too much time yesterday trying to decide if David Bowie's Be My Wife was an appropriate Johnny/St├ęphane song -- eventually I settled on no. But The Blow's Parentheses is, and Ben Folds' You Don't Know Me is the theme song for when they fight, according to my brain, and... I really can't defend myself here. /o\ Hey, at least I'm not writing songfic yet, although can I just say that IT SOUNDS LIKE A REALLY GOOD IDEA? I feel like this stage of my fannishness was perhaps inevitable.

I feel completely cheerful right now! Long work day today -- and yet, the sun is out, I'm wearing my favourite black jacket (it's practically a cape, I feel like a cross between Anne Shirley and Batgirl), and I have plans for beef noodles with a friend tomorrow. With tripe -- om nom NOM offal. Aw yeah!
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Do you ever get to the end of writing a fic and go, "Yeaaaaaaah! \o/"? Like, finishing writing a fic is always inherently satisfying in itself, but sometimes the sense of triumph you get from finishing this fic in particular is outrageously awesome. Last night I finished one such fic and had to flail around in happiness for a while because.

I don't know, it wasn't even particularly hard to write. But yay!!! I wrote a The Like story! Keep an eye out for that in the next couple of days, yeah? It was the fic I worked on when I was stuck on all the other (read: figure skating) fics I was working on, so now that that's done and I'm not working on anything else in particular except the ficlets from my prompt post a while back and the OT3 with [livejournal.com profile] alex_boylove, it's scarily like starting anew again.

Also, I love writing endings a lot. When I had to write compositions in primary school I'd write really great and long-ass beginnings and sort of wind down towards the end, but right now it's kind of the opposite. Endings are great! Usually I kind of know what happens, but that doesn't affect my feelings of, let me tell you all about it. :)

It's Monday morning now and I had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday, in addition to many other things, I had three oranges and like ten mangosteens and also pineapples. All your fruits, they can be mine.

Also, IT HAS BEEN WHOLE WEEKS SINCE I DID A MEME! What is up with that?

Now, some writers embrace their id and write it all out there, and that can be a fabulous thing. Self-awareness FTW. But often when I'm reading a fic I find myself wanting to tap the author and say, "Pardon me, did you know your id is showing?"

So, a couple of us got to wondering what our fics revealed about us. Hence this anonymeme. Are our ids showing?

Come talk here!
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HELLO EVERYBODY. This has been a tumultuous week and month. But amongst other things I have spent the past couple of days reading Jude the Obscure, finding it too depressing and thus giving it up (I'll probably pick it up again soon), rereading Wuthering Heights, Googling for Emily Bronte trivia, attempting to learn Latin online (yes! You can learn Latin online! How awesome is that!), and sighing at Oxford's English faculty course summary. (Don't ask.)

My A level results come out on the sixth of March.

More importantly, I read an article on Colony Collapse Disorder at work. Twenty minutes later I started writing, uh, The Like as beekeepers fic. I am slightly bemused at how much I've written (I thought it was going to be a ficlet about 900 words long, max), and also incredibly excited. So what if Ryan was the journalist who followed them around for a month to get a human interest article on how independent beekeepers were surfing the crisis! And Brendon owned a farm!

cut for snippet )

:D? :D? I have Plans for the next couple of days, or maybe it would be fairer to say that there are things coming up. Tomorrow is payday, Friday I'm meeting with a friend and we're going back to school to crash on a Wuthering Heights lecture, and then we're going to see that Keats biopic after that, which I've heard is good. High hopes! It helps that I don't know anything or have any opinions on Keats, obviously. I went running today. Endorphins are the best. Goodbye.
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What up Livejournal. I am at work now! And posting this entry as a reward to myself for finishing (that is, I haven't finished yet) an extremely painful task. Argh.

It's Chinese New Year in a couple of days! We've hung up the red banner at our door, my mother has made her cold vinegared pork, and just this morning we bought the pussy willows which are supposed to bloom on New Year's Eve, on the dot. Right now they're just yellow buds, though. I like them very much. Usually I view the coming of Chinese New Year with a mixture of dread and excitement (food! but having to talk to relatives! I will probably fall sick! but then red packets! a couple of days off school or work! however, temples and smoke inhalation!) but this year feels special. We'll see.


So I was just doing a bit of research and came across this article, which is looking mostly good, but also says:

When not trapped in the stereotypes of being "hypocritical guises" or "camouflaged farces", masks reflect the innocence of the primitive people of the world who were the real creators of these aesthetically sublime and culturally functional symbols.

... and then it goes on to talk about how sophisticated and complex masks from innocent, primitive cultures are. Okay then!



I have also taken to packing my lunch recently! All those entries about cheese and avocado sandwiches, I don't know if you guys could tell. The problem is that I've gotten a bit sick of sandwiches, and I'm not really sure what else to pack. There isn't a microwave at our place, and I hate eating cold things if they aren't meant to be cold. So that means pasta salad (short pasta, pesto) is fine, but leftover spaghetti (long pasta, tomato sauce) isn't. I tried cold roast vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions) and that was stretching the limits on acceptable. It's a little bit weird! And very inconvenient! My palate, I mean. Does anyone have suggestions?


Today I went for a run in the gym, and listened to one of my podcasts. It's the podcast I always recommend for anything, In Our Time. People talking about absurdly nerdy things, in British accents! For a good while my life plans basically involved impersonating Melvyn Bragg (wrote some non-fiction, wrote some novels, talked to academics on radio, FOR A LIVING), I cannot deny.

This time I listened to him and some other people pontificate on Elizabethan and Jacobean Revenge Tragedy. One of those other people were Jonathan Bate, whom I also had a nerdcrush on until he released his latest book (kind of a disappointment). But still! Jonathan Bate! Talking about Titus Andronicus and Hamlet and The Spanish Tragedy! If I weren't running for my life I think my face would have been like this -- :DDD


A couple of days ago I was on the train home when I saw a hipster-man (nerd glasses, v-neck t-shirt) cuddling his four year-old daughter. She had the stupidest haircut, and was wearing a black pleather jacket. They weren't beautiful, really, but I couldn't stop looking at them, how sweet and sensible they looked. There's this part in Julian Gough's Juno & Juliet where Juliet says, "If only we could look into all the lives of the wives and daughters we call strangers", and while I've always thought that was a kind of slip on the author's part, wives and daughters sounds strange in a girl's voice instead of mothers and sisters and husbands or anything else, it's always been a statement I appreciate.


So the thing about posting is you (I mean I) always want to post right away, after you've finished the entry, so even though I haven't really finished my extremely excruciating thing yet, here I am. Posting! Here I go.
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Today I wore my rainbow scarf to work. Technically it is not MY scarf, but my friend's scarf. I saw it once and liked it so much she let me bring it home and there it has stayed always. She says she does not mind. I like it, because it's a rainbow scarf, but also because -- wow, how did I become that girl who borrows friends' clothes and everything? I have friends who are willing to lend me their clothes and steal them even! I have been a lonely girl off and on, ever since high school and beyond. Some days things like these do not cease to please.

I was on the way out of the station when I passed by the ice-cream stand which a couple of guys were setting up. (Sometimes I wish I was an ice-cream scooper. I've tried it before! I'm good at it, you guys.) One of the ice creams were blue in that cotton-candy pastel way, and I stopped because I just had to ask.

"Excuse me," I said, "What flavour is that ice cream?"

The guy said caramel, and I couldn't believe it (BLUE CARAMEL!!) and I just smiled confusedly and walked away because talking to strangers confuses me sometimes. I thought maybe he followed the direction of my point wrongly, but I don't know if I want him to be wrong because man, BLUE CARAMEL. It makes sense in a weird kind of way inside of my head.

Today before work I also gave my Haiti donation to the Red Cross.

And today has also been a good day (on my flist at least) for various recounts of idiot countrymen! Man, I don't know, every time I read about things like that I feel weirdly relieved like, okay, I'm not alone, but also slightly disappointed, because growing up on the Internet -- my corner of the Internet, where if crazies exist they are at least routinely given the smackdown -- has led me to believe (obviously erroneously) that the Overseas is this bastion of good sense and liberalism where craziness does not in any large measure prevail, that I could get out and I could run, in whichever direction, and I'd end up in a better place almost automatically. Knowing that nothing works out quite the way you expect it to, kind of, is a bit of a disappointment.

Times like these I just browse through Barnyard Chorus again and reassure myself that there are a couple of good ones left, here.

Sometimes I get this irresistable compulsion to listen to albums the whole way through, then either I stop halfway because some unreasonable circumstance has obliged me to pull out my earphones and by the time I get back, goddamn, I'm not in the mood for it any more! or I start concentrating on something else and I miss all my favourite parts, and all I can remember is a sort of queer musical smudge, only the less subtler lyrics and tunes hanging around in my head. This is usually when I listen to the album three times in a row, and today was that kind of a day for The Hazards of Love. Over and over again, THE HA-ZARDS OF LOVE!

& lastly:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this and spread the love.
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I OWE EVERYONE EMAILS AND COMMENTS AND THINGS. I am very, very sorry. This does not mean I do not love you guys! It's not you, it's me.

1. I have a really, really paltry paycheck. It is in fact Baby's First Paycheck! Besides that whole feeding myself thing, what should I do? Books are out, as still have book tokens from Xmas (I am carefully conserving them so I can buy a book any time of the year when I am in really serious need of one.)

2. ... and it was my last day at work! On the way home I ate red bean cake and listened to Golden Years on my ipod. I feel like win. \o/

3. How much did I miss betaing fics? A LOT. Guys, it's so fun. *____________* If any of you want me to do anything to your fics, btw, I will probably say yes. I will also probably be v faily with the whole getting back to you thing, BUT I WILL BE ENTHUSIASTIC.

4. So David Tennant essentially wrote RPF fic about himself. How much do I love him, you guys? A whole lot, is the answer.

Now it begins to sink in that he's actually left ;_____________;

5. Why do people think Old school Who fans are crazy, though? I mean, I'm genuinely curious, 'cos I lurked a lot around that portion of Doctor Who fandom, and I didn't find them all that crazy. Cranky, sure, but... pretty sane.

6. No really, tell me what to do with my money. I wish to be frivolous, but there is nothing I actually really want or feel is worthy of my blowing a Symbolic Paltry Sum on!

7. I wish to note that four days ago, it was actually David Bowie's birthday. I missed it, because I'm crap at birthdays. But happy belated birthday, dude. You're kind of pretty old.

On my mind

Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:36
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H'lo, all. I am sitting in Starbucks writing another university application essay right now -- or, oh no, I'm posting! -- and I'm listening to some Christmas carols. The last one ended with "what are you doing, what are you doing", which I am not sure is very Christmassy, but I enjoyed it anyway. Peace reigns on earth, for despite not being very productive I feel rather happy and contented right now. I would like some baked goods, but since I'm going to make those tomorrow anyway it shall be worth the wait. Brownies!

Suddenly I am looking forward to Christmas -- I haven't done my Christmas cards (brace yourselves for one in January, flist!), or bought any presents, or done much, but I feel quite happy. Yesterday my best friend came over and we watched the first three episodes of Life on Mars (Liz White, be mine), and looked at the job advertisements in the classifieds -- for the last couple of weeks there has been an ad that goes: "Japanese company requires 3 private detectives with own bicycle". Now what is up with that?? If it's still there in January my best friend and I, we'll go for it. Despite not having any detective experience at all. You need a hand-held camcorder too, I think.

Right now I would like to read fic about -- hmm, I wanted to say "boring adventures", but I don't think that quite covers it, incidents and adventures anecdotal in nature, the kind that becomes impossibly rambly with each recount and ends with the speaker breaking down in a kind of defeated "you had to be there, okay". Bicycles riding off into twilight, perhaps. Or the discovery of some unexpected artifact from the 70s, which must be returned to its original owner. I would also like to read a ficlet about Brendon cupping a fat bird, plump with feathers, very gently, in his outstretched palms. Or The Like staying in a guesthouse (a guesthouse, not a hotel, damnit) with flowery wallpaper that isn't hideous at all, or maybe a ballet AU. Things which are not beautiful and gritty, but beautiful anyway. I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I am feeling extremely self-indulgent today. I'll look at [livejournal.com profile] egelantier's reclist for [livejournal.com profile] drawn_to later tonight, maybe.

Right now I think I will type out the essay I just wrote by hand (I concentrate better when writing things out longhand), and edit it. If anyone would be willing to look at some of the essays I've written and help me out there, I would be most grateful.


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