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People, why didn't anyone tell me that Fuck Yeah Mirai Nagasu! existed? *___________* Brb following so hard. I love her! I love all Tumblrs, too. I think they are sweet things. Do you have a Tumblr? If you do, you should tell me! Mine's this username dot tumblr etc etc.

But Mirai Nagasu! I feel weird admitting this, because in the early days of skating fandom (I have no idea if this is an opinion still held by a lot of people) there was a lot of villainising of Frank Carroll going on? But I think he is a nice dude! Pretty good for Mirai, as far as I can tell. Plus you get pictures like this and this. :D!

Mostly I wanted to post to tell everyone about this magnificent Tumblr! And also to drop off a snippet of a fic I do not think I will end up finishing after all:

Mr Carroll narrowed his eyes when he saw Mirai returning. “Why are you here again?” he asked.

“Denis said I had to come watch,” Mirai said innocently. “He wouldn’t have it any other way.” Hey, it was summer, and she could do anything she wanted. Stephane looked at her with some amusement, and Mirai smiled back, then giggled as he made a funny face behind Mr Carroll’s back.

“I did not!” Denis said, arriving in the arena, skates properly laced up.

Mr Carroll held up his hand. “I don’t need to hear it,” he said to Denis, and to Mirai he said, “You can stay. Just be quiet, and don’t disturb them.”

“I never do!” Mirai protested.

“Then keep the good work up,” Mr Carroll said.

Livejournal, I love her so much.
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So part of this was written before Twittergate, and I abandoned it before realising that I really wanted to finish writing it, and... here it is. /o\ To be fair, Evan Lysacek is kind of a douchebag in this.

Keep The Car Running

Mirai & Evan gen
872 words

Mirai takes driving lessons from Evan. Set in summer of 2009.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] alexthegreat for the beta and factchecking!

Mirai was learning how to drive. She wasn't very good at it yet. )
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Sweet As Foxes

Mirai gen
12342 words

Mirai goes to Japan, skates in a competition, and meets a fox.

I am indebted to [livejournal.com profile] nova33 for betaing this story – not just once, but twice, [livejournal.com profile] willowbell and [livejournal.com profile] alexthegreat for cheerleading, and anyone else who may have seen this story and expressed excitement or encouraged me. Those people are the greatest!

I am also a ridiculously lucky girl, who got art for the story before it was completed. Here it is! Everyone go tell [livejournal.com profile] alexthegreat how awesome it is. ♥

Part 1/2 )
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[livejournal.com profile] fs_exchange, dudes! This is the part where I link to the fics I wrote, and also tell you a story.

So what happens is sometimes you get a request with four prompts, and three of them are Johnny/Evan and one of them is a request for Evan & Mirai gen, and you think that Mirai is really great, but on the other hand you don't really know much about her, so maybe you'll write Johnny/Evan instead, and you have a whole scenario in your head but when you start writing all you have written is the (slightly sad) ending, and then [livejournal.com profile] alexthegreat says, "I want a fic where Evan acts as Mirai's older brother," and then you chatfic it out, and you ask if you can write it into a story, even though you haven't given up on the Johnny/Evan thing yet!!!*

* this is a lie. I totally gave up on it in the end.

Then you decide, hey, might as well do more research on Mirai, and then you start looking for all the articles and interviews ever and you fall HEADS OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH HER, and cannot restrain yourself. You post a lot about her and also make a primer because everyone should love her. Everyone! Then when your exchange story finally gets written, you should obnoxiously title it after Arcade Fire, because obviously that is her theme song omg, and serenely ignore the fact that it is rather obvious wrote it because you are completely subtle about these things.

... my god that was some egregious usage of second person and probably more information than you wanted to know. Anyway, I wrote fic! I considered reposting it here, partially because I made some canon errors in my story, but I like having comments in one place.

No Cars Go

Evan & Mirai gen
3380 words

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] alexthegreat for starting it all, and [livejournal.com profile] nova33 for the beta.

Also, I wrote a pinch-hit!

The Secret

1900 words

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] alexthegreat for betaing. Warning: unhappy ending.

This has been a pretty great exchange. I had a lot of fun writing, and reading the fic written for me! Yay!
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If I had posted at all today before right now, it would have been "blah blah blah, fandom is getting me down I am headcasey and life sucks" but then I came home and [livejournal.com profile] strange_bt_true went out for ice cream and I bought the ingredients for an avocado and cheese sandwich tomorrow and after this we're going to have toasted banana bread and watch a movie in bed and it's going to be great! So life is wonderful again. :D!

Other than that I have nothing to add. So I am terrible at picspamming, but somehow I have 15 articles saved on Mirai Nagasu on Delicious -- should I do a primer maybe? Don't be silly, self! Everyone knows who Mirai is! AND YET. Do they know of the existence of this delightful article (amongst many others)? Where there are lines like, 'In the wonderfully refreshing post-event news conference, Nagasu responded to criticism of the current depth of American women’s talent by predicting she and Flatt would “shoot down the opposition. Bang. Bang. Bang.”' DO THEY.

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omg Mirai Nagasu *________*


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