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When we all got up and danced and sang along with the people on stage who love David Bowie so much they have made it their actual career to be him, though not exactly, I thought: this is the exact epitome of fandom. This is it: letting it sweep you away despite (because of!) the cheesiness, and knowing every single word to every goddamn song and letting the riffs come and come at you. And participating in an extended in-joke, an exercise in the best sort of earnest irony. It must be so strange being in a tribute band.

I kicked my shoes off and danced and danced and danced. The glitter on them came off anyway.

PS. Not that I'm saying it was a perfect show - the lead singer will never approach the perfection of Lindsay Kemp's original choreography, the vocals were muddy and the most recognisable thing in the end were Bowie's riffs, but the dancing made up for it. Exam tomorrow, la!
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  • My pinky just went to sleep. Goddamnit.

  • Oh hey, it's awake now! That was an interesting sensation; I wanted to capture it.

  • Also, hey, hey, guess who's going to see Florence + the Machine when they come o'er here? That's right: ME! I listened to the album properly for the first time ever two days ago, and now I am so ridiculously stuck on her, her, herrr. Her amazing voice and amazing songs and (crush mode) red hair and jawline, gosh. ♥

  • Plus The xx is opening for her. :D

  • Also coming to Singapore is Au Revoir Simone, whom I know approximately nothing about. I have heard they are awesome though! Thoughts, anyone?

  • I am riffing off [livejournal.com profile] kickingrad's resolution to catch more live shows (does theater count? Because they are putting up The Tempest sometime soon, and I should check that out), because! For the first time in my life I have the time and also money to watch more things in general, AND AND AND. Super excited!

  • We had a new person coming in today at work! Dorky and nice and over-eager, I know the feeling, aw man. Reminds me of more than one person I know. Does that happen more often when you move along more? People starting to blur into types. I AM UNDECIDED ABOUT THIS.

  • Things that made me smile: talking with [livejournal.com profile] themoononastick about when it is acceptable to use Brit spelling (obviously the answer is when you're writing AUs where a critical mass of the main characters are British), and her telling me about the AU where Z and Charlotte went to university in London. *_____________*

  • I really like the dress I wore to work today, oh man. Dark blue sleeveless and edged with black cotton lace! It is a little bit too big for me (it was my sister's), but I love the skirt. Sometimes I think hey, when did clothes gain the ability to make me happy? with somewhat mild surprise because I never did bother when I was younger, but now they do. I feel my life has been greatly enriched as a result.

  • They have put up Chinese New Year decorations at my estate! Usually I don't like them when they're too much, all that red and glitter and gaudiness and also irritating songs. (This sounds like my unnatural prejudice against Christmas I suspect.) But they've put up fairy lights! This I can get on, it looked slightly magical when I walked my way in.

  • Today and yesterday I was struck by the urge to skip while walking home from the bus stop near my home. I DID NOT DISOBEY THAT URGE.

  • That's how my life is, today. How is yours?
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half omglolmoshpit virgin and half MOTHERFUCKING FALL OUT BOY )

ps. Sorry, guys - no pictures (yet), because I don't know where the memory card reader is, also I sort of gave up on taking pictures early on so I have maybe one million blurry pictures of Cassadee strutting around the stage and about three of Patrick, ahahaha.


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