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This is not so much a post, as a couple of things which are delightful.

  • From The Ashes is delightful! So I was just like, "la la la, I will submit an application cos Mik said I could and I'll take an insanely long time to reply to emails and get everything together" and -- well okay it is STILL DELIGHTFUL. Hijinks! Chess! Age-reversals! This is the part where I beam all around. We need some The Like representation, though! Z at Hogwarts. Tennessee at Hogwarts. :D? :D?

  • Speaking of Z, this picture

    which I am sure most right-minded people have seen already (nsfw) )

    Well I could call it delightful, but I can think of some other words that would fit as well. >:D

  • So I was on holiday when my parents were like, "I wonder what happened to the gramophone!" and I said, "WE HAVE A GRAMOPHONE??" and they said, "Well, yes. It's in storage!" Now it has been retrieved! And there is a record store whom, when I called, had a copy of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Hi, David Bowie, hi. I find the way you scream on Moonage Daydream relentlessly endearing. Soon I will be able to listen to it, ON THE GRAMOPHONE

  • Work is good! I have an off day tomorrow, which is also good.

  • I have been toying with writing some more original fic lately. Lately I've been thinking about a girl named Zelia. Studying languages in university -- hopelessly impractical, she's afraid. On her year abroad, she's a language assistant in France maybe (definitely). The small flat she rents is a little bit (a lot) cramped, so she heaps blankets and pillows on her landlord's long dining table and sleeps there, and hopes to God she won't roll off. Her best friend has had a baby. She's a little bit in between things, a little bit lonely. In the story it's never really specified where she comes from. Likes: long beaded jewellery.
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Today I went to the library and wrote one and a half short stories. WHY HELLO WRITING, I kind of forgot how awesome you are. ♥ I'm really excited for the next nine months in which I basically do nothing except writing, get some kind of job, and engage in various other enjoyable activities. \o/ Point being:

[Poll #1493290]

Mostly finished stories and maybe some rambling about what I'm writing. Let me know, guys.


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