fic: The Road To

Saturday, 29 May 2010 17:08
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The Road To

6149 words

I owe so so so many thanks to [ profile] softlyforgotten, who betaed this for me and made it a million times better. [ profile] nova33 and [ profile] willowbell audienced, too. ♥

As much experience as she had with sensitive and painful band splits, Ryan was persistently curious about Charlotte.

It was like the normal rules didn't apply to her. )
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Don't Mind Taking A Photograph

Ryan/Z Berg
1326 words

Five photos of Ryan and Z, five ficlets. Not chronologically accurate at all.

This would not have existed without [ profile] egelantier, who told me to tell her a story over chat and sent me five pictures when I asked for a single one as a prompt. She betaed too, the pushy wench. ♥

Title and cut-tag from (who else?) The Young Veins.

Yeah, she said it was rust and lead. )
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Happy birthday, [ profile] egelantier! I think you are pretty darn fabulous, and I wrote you a ficletty thing. I hope you like it! <333

A Midwinter Visit

1572 words

Coda to The Bluebird Boy. But if you have not read that, merely know this: Ryan Ross is a bird whisperer. With fairy connections.

I am incredibly grateful to [ profile] nova33 for betaing this at incredibly short notice and being generally awesome.

Happily ever after doesn't mean adventures stop happening.

After Ryan and Jon settled down in their new cottage next to Jon's stepbrothers, life was normal for a while. )
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I seem to be posting a lot of fic these days, you guys. Part of it is because I am writing more! But I wrote this last year, needed to edit one part, got blocked, discouraged, and then forgot about it. Without [ profile] egelantier's urging I might never have finished it. Added to my newly awakened love for Ryan Ross (ugh, new The Young Veins song, how so amazing) -- well, maybe it's time. ♥

Enough rambling!

The Bluebird Boy

6192 words

Fairytale AU. Jon's a woodcutter who goes around rescuing fae boys. He couldn't have been expected to know all the consequences of that, of course. Based heavily on Philippa Pearce's The Squirrel Wife.

This fic wouldn't be here without [ profile] egelantier and her incessant nagging. Much love, bb. ♥

He was less boy than broken bird. )

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1. This is the most terrible thing ever. I had a burger and two tomato soups for lunch and now, I'm hungry? Stomach, you fail me.

Whatever. I'm eating gelato now, so maybe that makes up for something. Or quite a lot, really, but if I continue being unimpressed hopefully the universe will find added ways to make it up to me.

2. "Friendships shouldn't suffer just because you like different things."


I guess it's pretty clear by now that ninety percent of the fannish content on this journal is devoted to Ryan Ross. We've had our ups and downs, to be sure, but today I feel justified, okay? Haters to the left!

3. And here, have some thoughts about Panic(!) music and the kind of fic I like:

Also a bit meta )
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A while back on my prompt post [ profile] egelantier asked for "ryan, spencer, communication". Because I suck at following instructions (in my head it went like this: communication => miscommunication => BOYS FIGHTING => boys passive-aggressive fighting) this appeared. Nevertheless, I hope you like, bb!

In other completely unrelated news, [ profile] bandom_hc prompt claiming opens up in a few hours. I'm so excited! :D

Five Times Ryan & Spencer Fought

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Divorce-y fic.

G | gen | Ryan+Spencer+Brendon, Brendon/Ryan if you squint? | 2800 words

Thank you to [ profile] plumerri for an excellent beta. Any remaining errors are mine. This is for [ profile] egelantier, obviously.

And even though Spencer didn't want to dress up in Robin's stupid costume, he didn't want Ryan to, either.  )

Feedback is love.


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