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My days are now enlivened by quoting bits of Be Good Johnny Weir. I know this makes me sound like I am crazy; also twelve, but I'm sorry. It's true! Quoting, to [livejournal.com profile] forochel, as she is marginally invested in skating RPF because I made her read the accidental marriage WIP (see how I subtly linked you all there again?) without, uh, telling her it was a WIP. I AM A CUNNING BASTARD.

Anyway. I've torrented and watched all the episodes of Be Good so far except the latest (which only became available today) and it is seriously ridiculous how quickly I've become overinvested in Johnny Weir's life. It is the most hurty thing on earth! There is so much, idk, losing confidence and falling sick and slipping on ice (in competition, even), and last night I was reduced to making squeaky noises of woe at my computer. FOR REAL. My face, it was truly sad last night.

(Then I had to laugh, of course, when the last episode I watched ended with Johnny frotting against his foot massager. OH JOHNNY.)

Anyway, my point is, I just keep quoting him. It is probably very annoying to people I chat with these past few days, but: "And people are like, 'Why do you have a dog on your costume?' and I'm like, 'It's not a dog, it's a gargoyle. Can't you see that it's a gargoyle? Are you stupid?'" and, ""Can I give you a wisdom inspiration from an older person? Everybody gonna die!" SHUT YOUR STUPID FACE JOHNNY WEIR.

Johnny Weir was a taller girl once, too. *________________________*

There was this really interesting discussion here on [livejournal.com profile] weirsjohnny about Viecheslav Romanov, Johnny's Russian reporter alter-ego. It filled me with thinky thoughts! And also made me really happy, because genderbending, and clever Johnny Weir. It's a pretty great post, tbh.

(Not to say nothing Evan Lysacek, obviously -- the first couple of times we chatted about figure skating [livejournal.com profile] forochel kept asking me, "But why do people hate Evan?" and I had to explain, no, of course people don't hate Evan, STOP BEING STUPID. They would not slash him with Johnny Weir otherwise! ... then I realised that I actually liked Evan and had to read some more fic to deal with that epiphany.)

And, I also want to talk about! post turns weirdly serious here, feel free to skip )


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