fic: The Road To

Saturday, 29 May 2010 17:08
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The Road To

6149 words

I owe so so so many thanks to [ profile] softlyforgotten, who betaed this for me and made it a million times better. [ profile] nova33 and [ profile] willowbell audienced, too. ♥

As much experience as she had with sensitive and painful band splits, Ryan was persistently curious about Charlotte.

It was like the normal rules didn't apply to her. )
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Recently my thoughts have been all over the place, fannishly: I've been thinking about Z Berg and Tennessee and Charlotte all over again -- I've finally (yes! I know! late to the party!) fallen in love with Z. Before this she was kind of cool, but also kind of too cool for me? I guess I get intimidated very easily. Then I started thinking about her and Ryan Ross, and the dynamics of that is kind of fascinating, and also [ profile] egelantier linked me to that picture of Z again, where she looks uncharacteristically rumpled, and something just kind of clicked in my head. Z, I LOVE YOU. ♥_______♥

Just today [ profile] softlyforgotten also posted a The Like-in-VMars ficlet, and I know nothing about Veronica Mars, but it was amazing! Then I started thinking about all the really overwrought scenes on television that I like, and how much I would enjoy bandom people in there, and well, this happened. (I love Life on Mars a lot. Confession time: I have not actually finished the entire series, even though there are only sixteen episodes. Once I have finished them, there will be nothing left to watch!)

Z Berg + precarious places = a kink I didn't know I actually had )

I don't know if you can actually tell what's going on in there, if you hadn't watched the show.

BUT WHAT ABOUT a Doctor Who thing? Where Z's a Time Lord, and so is Charlotte. (Maybe Tennessee is one too, hm.) What I actually mean is, Charlotte's spoilers for season 3 )

And I doubt I'll actually write this, but five times figure skaters were robots )

It's 11 p.m. and I feel wide awake now, because I just had a two hour nap. Hey! hey!
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Don't Mind Taking A Photograph

Ryan/Z Berg
1326 words

Five photos of Ryan and Z, five ficlets. Not chronologically accurate at all.

This would not have existed without [ profile] egelantier, who told me to tell her a story over chat and sent me five pictures when I asked for a single one as a prompt. She betaed too, the pushy wench. ♥

Title and cut-tag from (who else?) The Young Veins.

Yeah, she said it was rust and lead. )
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Dear Livejournal,

Today I spent the best part of an afternoon being told by the Shoe Patriarchy that essentially I didn't deserve to have pretty shoes because my feet were man-sized and that comfortable shoes didn't deserve to be pretty. >:( >:( >:(

I have issues, yeah. Shoe shopping has not been so fun since it started to consist of me walking into the store and asking assistants for their biggest size.

On the other hand! You know what I would read?


I would read a story where Charlotte's departure from the band is paralleled with Ryan's departure from Panic, and Z is caught in the middle. I have no idea how this would be fixed, I just like the dynamics of it. Or I would read the story which, if given the chance, I would write over and over again: the one where a brash girl tries to understand her quiet friend without much success, but loves her anyway.


And of course the girls I mean (in this context) are Tennessee & Z. Look at Ten's face! Everyone else is giving their most hardcore look and she's just so serene. Z doesn't understand this. Tennessee is nice and understanding but also does things like wear red polka dot dresses to show. She touches Z's head very gently sometimes and that one time guilted them into clearing up the hotel room they attempted to trash. (This is my canon.) On weird days she looks like a vicar's daughter but she is still the fiercest of all drummers.


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