Friday, 14 September 2012

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WHAT UP, GUYS. rn I'm tucked into my favourite coffee shop of all time, sipping some tea, waiting for my soymilk porridge, you know how it goes, etc. And I am posting a One Direction Liam/Niall WIP that I don't think is going to be finished for several reasons: I'm starting the most difficult year of my university career in less than two weeks and am already drowning in work, I kind of lost interest in this fic because it lacked Zayn, I kind of lost interest in 1D fandom because it lacked the fourth wall and a critical mass of sensible people (except for the ones I have on my flist!), and so on.

And this is a very melodramatic fic. It's finished in the sense that there's an ending, but there are a lot of missing gaps. Basically: post-split fic where Niall comes to London to housesit for Zayn (AND HANA TAJIMA) while he's away, and Liam joins him. Contains: overworked, sad, and slightly pathetic Liam, and Niall who makes him happy with his cock. Trigger warning: this isn't written out in the story as such, but there are notes all over the place, and one of them consists of backstory that contains homophobia & drug abuse issues. (Sorry! It ends happily, I swear!) Anyway, um, enjoy?

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